The resources offered by Demomed include:

  • A spatialised demographic database on the populations of Mediterranean countries. This can be accessed through two dialogue interfaces: access to the base for customised data downloads (database) and access to an interactive atlas, for dynamic thematic mapping (interactive mapping).
  • Documentary resources consisting of scientific publications (archived on HAL) and a map library.

The research team collects, judges, validates, completes and geo-references etc. demographic data released by Mediterranean national statistics offices (censuses, personal data, records, surveys etc.). This data, which concerns topics such as fertility rates, population structure by gender and age, mortality rates, growth rates etc. is easily accessible by users at the various possible territorial analysis levels. Interactive maps and graphics are also available to facilitate understanding of the data (animated population pyramids, scatter diagrams, trend curves etc.).

Our entire database is stored in the facilities provided by the TGIR HumaNum.